Amannda Richline - Belvidere, New Jersey Podiatrist

Dr. Amannda Richline

Amannda Richline is a multitalented professional with specialized experience in fields that range from publishing and animal rights to general health and wellness. She stresses the importance of regular exercise and proper nutrition, including adhering to a regimen of specific vitamin supplementation. Amannda Richline’s charitable efforts involving animals included purchasing a friend’s 1,500-pound Grand Champion steer to save the animal from the slaughterhouse.

Amannda Richline also serves as the president and owner of Sy’s Piece of Heaven, an accredited nonprofit organization that provides refuge for pet parrots that, for one reason or another, failed to thrive in the home setting. Although birds are behind only dogs and cats on the popularity scale as companion pets, people often fail to understand just how challenging living with a parrot can be. Under Ms. Richline’s direction, Sy’s Piece of Heaven rescues neglected/abused parrots and nurses them back to health through its on-site veterinary facilities. It also provides birds with long-term care.